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Julian Gutierrez

Cordial CFIP RR, Pancake Plug

Cordial CFIP RR, Pancake Plug

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The Cordial CFIP RR is a Pancake Plug. The Space-saving patch cabling is especially important for complex pedal board constructions. The CFIP RR with its two rectangular flat pancake jacks does not protrude more than 1 cm from the 6.3mm jack socket. The bulk cable is particularly space-saving with a diameter of less than 6 mm and still offers solid inner values 0.22 mm铏?conductor area and a shielding made of spiral copper wires for unaltered signals. The most space-saving solution from the Cordial range for foot pedal fetishists.

Product Specifications:

Cable: Essentials Cable 5

Jacket: PVC

Cable Assign: RR


1 1/4鈥?Plug right angle mono

1 1/4鈥?Plug right angle mono

Conductor Area: 0.22 mm铏?/p>


Composition of Conductor: 7 x 0.20 mm

Conductor Resistance: 80 Ohm/km

Shielding: Spiral Shield

Capacity cond.-cond. (pF/m): 140 pF/m

Category: Guitar/Instrument

Diameter: 5.9 鍗?0.2 mm

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