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Julian Gutierrez

Crown Royal Whisky, Apple Flavored, Regal Apple - 750 ml

Crown Royal Whisky, Apple Flavored, Regal Apple - 750 ml

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A remarkable, lively and fun-filled addition to the Canadian Crown Royal whisky range that has been created by blending hand-selected whiskies and infusing them with fresh natural Regal Gala apple flavors. It has the same great balance and smooth quality you expect of Crown Royal but with an injection of crisp apple infused flavor which lifts it, making it entertaining and frisky. It might become the life of the party. The apple is present right from the start. Stimulating fragrances of fresh apples and spicy vanilla. It opens at the taste with a crisp slight apple tartness which is pert, yet this is beautifully balanced by the light spices and rich creamy caramel sweetness of the Crown Royal at its core. The plump apple notes remain, buoyant with their sweetness at the finish which is lasting, smooth and full-bodied. A vibrant liquor for those fun filled nights. Enjoy it as a shot. Or savor more slowly on the rocks.

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