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Julian Gutierrez

Crystal Head - Pride Edition Vodka (750ml)

Crystal Head - Pride Edition Vodka (750ml)

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a colorless, pure, and uncluttered spirit. Aromas of mild grains with a subtle citrus undertone are detected in the nose. incredibly smooth with a faint vanilla and sugar taste. Warming, fresh, and dry feeling in the end.Actor, singer, and comedian Dan Aykroyd collaborated with famous artist John Alexander to create the multi-award winning, ultra-premium vodka Crystal Head, which is produced in Newfoundland, Canada. The vodka is distilled using premium peaches and cream maize, then combined with the pure, unspoiled waters of Newfoundland to create a neutral grain alcohol. After that, the liquid goes through seven filters, three of which pass through layers of Herkimer diamonds, a type of semi-precious crystal. Crystal Head is a naturally smooth spirit that doesn't contain any additions.

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