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Julian Gutierrez

Isle of Harris Gin - 750 ml

Isle of Harris Gin - 750 ml

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Isle of Harris's smooth, complex and refreshing spirit captures the maritime nature of its island home. Made in the small village of Tarbert, every drop is distilled in a small copper gin still known as 'The Dottach', before being bottled and sealed by hand. Infused with local Sugar Kelp seaweed alongside carefully chosen traditional botanicals, including juniper, cassia, coriander, angelica, bitter orange peel, cubeb, liquorice root, and orris root. The distillery worked with an ethnobotanist to analyse dozens of potential botanicals from the island鈥檚 moors and machair before turning to the sea. Sugar Kelp seaweed was finally identified as the key botanical, and it is gathered by hand by diver Lewis Mackenzie from sea-lochs around the Outer Hebrides before drying. On the nose, there is at first a big classic hit of piney juniper, with bitter orange and grapefruit not far behind. The second wave arrives with floral notes of rose, herbs, coriander, and tart gooseberry, with a hint of both spice and briny maritime air. The palate is fairly assertive with the juniper, but it's the almost sweet fruitiness that wins the day, with juicy orange, grapefruit, and mango on welcome display. The finish shows some peppery sharpness and another hint of sea air. Bottled at 45% abv.

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